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My experience with Young Living began through a Naturapathic Doctor’s recommendation to utilize Young Living products for regaining a healthy balance and quality of life for myself and my parents who live with me full time.  We have many wonderful testimonials regarding how the Young Living products have helped us with eye sight, joints, cognitive ability, cardiac issues, spider bites and much more.  Many would agree that my Mother would not be alive if it were not for Young Living products. Consequently, Young Living products are a part of our daily health regimen.

Young Living is our trusted source for essential oils and essential oil infused supplements.  Everyday, the decision to trust Young Living is re-certified over and over again.  Trained as a soil scientist, I greatly appreciate Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” approach and their commitment to maintain the highest quality soil on their farms for the highest quality essential oil!

Today, our bodies are exposed to many toxins in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, from the clothes we wear, in the liquids we consume and the many products we put on our skin!  How can we be surprised when life threatening illnesses are increasing in number among us?  We must become determined in reducing our exposure to these toxins and eliminating them from our bodies so health and vitality may be restored!

I wish to help everyone around the world achieve health and vitality. I wish to help everyone around the world to adequately provide for their financial needs and achieve their goals in life. Click on the Contact Don Page if you would like to learn how.

Don standing in a field of Young Living's Farm of Goldenrod               Don Eagleston
Young Living Independent Distributor
Member # 1188427
Phone: 417-683-1591


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